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22nd Sep, 2008


Tellin' all my secrets to a dead man

I've been away from here for a while. I get busy, and I post a lot of my journal posts in my MySpace blogs.
But this is kinda one of those things are a bit too personal.
And it just feels more sentimental going in here.

I found this video on YouTube of Girl in a Coma performing at the South Park Mall in San Antonio, TX.
In the video a little girl walks up to the makeshift stage and looks on in awe.
"This is my future" she thinks to herself. "This is what I want to be. Just like those girls. They are strong, beautiful, talented, smart, and successful."

Little does this girl know heartache.
But she will soon find out.

The little girl looks like she can't be over 10.
But she's smart. In all gifted classes, and loved by her teachers.
However, she might be adored by adults, she's deemed an outcast among her peers.
She's looked upon a freak; a weirdo.
Secretly, the other girls envy her... but they would never admit it.

The little girl floats in to a wonderland of music, letting it carry her up and gently float away in to nothing.
Girl in a Coma finishes up "Their Cell" and the little girl is slowly brought back down to earth.
Her parents guide her in the opposite direction, and no one but her mother speaks in rapid Spanish about how girls these days look more and more like freaks by dyeing their hair unnatural colors. Said they must be "a disgrace to their family."
The little girl still carries the images in her mind and smiles.

The little girl grows up, goes to high school.
She learns about great women like Frida Kahlo, Joan of Arc, Mother Theresa.

I guess I'm looking way too deep into the video.
I actually saw a comment that said that, and so I watched the video again, and well... my imagination took it from there.

If you wanna watch it here ya go.

[I have actually been to this mall. It's the South Park Mall in San Antonio, TX. It's pretty cool. Wayyy better than Oviedo.]

I also got accepted to UTSA.
I'm finally leaving.
I booked plane tickets for spring break so I can begin moving my stuff.
I also booked another set of plane tickets for the 6th of June, two days after graduation, so I can establish residency in Texas and get in-state tuition when I go to UT in Austin.
The initial plan is to go to UTSA for a year and only pay out-of-state tuition for a year, then after earning a 3.5, and being automatically accepted, I can just pay in-state.

Chicken Little is on.
And I have an Economics project due tomorrow.


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